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Dago Schelin plays The Beatles

Yes, an (unpretentious) reinterpretation of the Beatles. Brazilian (but not overdoing it), acoustic (a bit of bass, a bit of percussion). This project is a longing for a 60s vibe, bridging time and cultures. It’s a confabulation with John, Paul, George and Ringo, into the thoughts and feelings expressed in their music. A re-tropicalism with progressive tendencies (and, if possible, simple).

Dago Schelin is a Brazilian musician based in Germany whose mellow guitar-playing and soothing voice takes us back to a 60s Bossa Nova feel. Brazilian classics are likely to be in his repertoire, but Dago also brings a freshly arranged Brazilian-style Beatles selection, which he intends to show us at this year’s JazzFest.
While he is rediscovering his family roots in Germany, Dago’s passion is the good old Brazilian Musica Popular, from Tom Jobim to Caetano Veloso. Through his authentically Brazilian guitar style, Dago welcomes listeners to re-experience known songs and to try out alternative musical ideas. Dago Schelin’s Living Room is the name of this album, easily found on all streaming platforms.
Dago got his bachelor degree in Música Popular at the Faculdade de Artes do Paraná, Brazil, before moving to Germany to pursue a master and a PhD. Interestingly, Dago lived in East Lansing for two years when he was a child, from 1986 to 1988. His father had gotten a scholarship at the MSU Cyclotron. Last year Dago came back to East Lansing, this time for the JazzFest to perform alongside Péricles Gomes. The Brazilian Bossa Duo was a great success among the crowd at the UrbanBeat.

Dago Schelin plays The Beatles
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