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Saturday, February 27th


Artist Reception

Join us for a special reception for Christy Dehoog Johnson, Michelle Newman, and Kate Bourdon. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet these three artists from Muskegon, MI and ask questions about works in the exhibit. As this event coincides with Old Town Lansing's annual Chocolate Walk, we will be providing free chocolate as well! Visit any time between 2pm and 5pm to greet artists. Capacity will be limited in the gallery at any given time, and all COVID-19 safety measures will be carefully observed.  

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Contact Kayla Green at green@micharts.org

About the Artists
Kate Bourdon Headshot .jpeg

Katherine Bourdon

The visual arts and music are intertwined into a single experience, as I perceive music as color, pattern, line and form. My artwork is rooted in my experiences as a musician where repetition of a visual pattern become rhythm, and line and color
transform into melody and harmony. Pattern, shape and the play of light in any given scene is the inspiration for my

As an artist and a musician, I think subconsciously in terms of sound quality within each painting. Each painting is an imaginary interpretation of the pattern, shape and light of remembered places and scenes. Prefering to work from the feeling and memory of a given place or scene, I let intuition be my guide to create compositions exisiting with a degree of independence from the real world. These elements become more important than the actual representation of any subject.
The need to explore and investigate new possibilities, while continuously searching for new solutions, is the driving force in my art. The prospect I enjoy the most in painting is the chance of discovery. I begin the process by layering, inscribing and scraping back paint to reveal hidden layers. The ability of oil paint and cold wax to create multiple layers, forming texture, depth and a history beneath the surface is what I find fascinating. Constantly altering my initial inspiration, I prefer to leave glimpses of early layers, as a reminder of my original thought. Discovering how to express a scene through the patterns and irregularities found in the surface texture is my current preoccupation. I believe a painting should read strongly from a distance, yet when viewed at close range, the textures and layers of the surface become the primary interest. The creative
journey, while not always direct, is invariably a delight, regardless of how many detours or how much backtracking occurs along the way.


Katherine Bourdon is a native of western Michigan and currently lives in Muskegon. Art and music have always been equal passions, as she taught vocal music in public and private schools in Michigan for more than 30 years before retiring to pursue her art work full time. Currently, Katherine works as an artist, while continuing to teach private music lessons. She is represented by LaFontsee Gallery - Grand Rapids, MI and Tvedten Fine Arts Gallery- Harbor Springs, MI. Her artwork has received numerous awards and has been purchased and displayed in several corporations, hotels and financial institutions throughout Michigan.

Website: http://www.katherinebourdon.com/

Christy Dehoog Johnson Headshot.jpg

Christy DeHoog Johnson

DeHoog Johnson received an MFA from California State University Long Beach and a BFA from Kendall College of Art and Design.  She currently resides in Spring Lake Michigan and works out of her home studio near Lake Michigan.  Her mixed media realism-based abstract work is described as "at the same time whimsical and sophisticated".  DeHoog Johnson uses color as a springboard for her process while maintaining a playful approach to lines and shapes. Though formally trained as an illustrator, her work more often explores abstraction.  She combines collage, drawing and painting in her work for a look that is fresh, appealing and original.  She is included in numerous private, corporate and institutional collections. 

Website: https://cdehoogjohnson.wixsite.com/paintings

Mid-Century Muse copy (1).jpg

Michelle Krievins-Newman

Krievins-Newman approaches composition in a very direct, simple and intuitive manner. She is a minimalist at heart, striving to capture that which is essential and honest. Her paintings are sold primarily by commission and are a part of several private collections throughout the United States. A Steelcase, Inc. corporate commission is featured in 75+ Platinum Level dealerships in the US and abroad. 

Krievins-Newman earned her BFA from the University of Michigan School of Art and Design.