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 2020 Lineup
Michigan  JazzFest
Michigan BluesFest


6:00pm: Gina Garner & the All Night Long Band (Live)

7:00pm: Ísis Dresch (Live from Brazil)

8:00pm: Dave Sharp Worlds Quartet (Live)

9:00pm: Twyla Birdsong

9:15pm: Deacon Earl



5:00pm: Sugar Ray (Backstage Pass Rewind)

5:10pm: Dago Schelin plays The Beatles (Live from Germany)

6:00pm: The Springtails (Live)

7:00pm: Milt Hinton Exclusive (with intro by Pericles Gomes and Terry Terry)

8:00pm: Hank Mowery & the Hawktones (Live)

9:00pm: The Corzo Effect

9:15pm: Hank Mowery Q&A (Live)

9:30pm: Emmet Cohen Trio featuring music by Greg Hill

9:40pm: Sena Erhardt (Backstage Pass Rewind)

9:46pm: Craig S. Henderschott (Live)


6:00pm: Kammy Yedor (Live)

7:00pm: Michael Reed Octet

7:30pm: Andy Wilson Harmonica Q&A (Live)

8:00pm: Circuit Blues Band (Live)



5:00pm: Dago Schelin & Peter Herrmann play The Beatles (Live from Germany)

6:00pm: Kathleen & the Bridge Street Band (Live)

7:00pm: Four Space Clowns (Live from Brazil)

8:00pm: Jon Gewirtz Quartet (Live)

9:00pm: Freddie Cunningham & Friends

9:45pm: Lawrence "Lo" Leathers Tribute featuring Wynton Marsalis



6:00pm: Stan Budzynski & Third Degree (Live)

7:00pm: Elden Kelly (Live)

8:00pm: Paxton/Spangler Sextet (Live)

9:00pm: Michael Reed Trio

9:15pm: Tamir Hendelman Trio

9:30pm: Neu Roots

10:00pm: Felipe Klimovicz (Live from Brazil)


5:00pm: Dago Schelin & Cris Gavazzoni play Beatles (Live from Germany)

6:00pm: The Corzo Effect (Live)

7:00pm: Nelson Mozart plays  Bossa Nova (Brazil) (Live)

8:00pm: Root Doctor (Live)

9:00pm: Moonduck

9:15pm: Root Doctor Q&A (Live)

9:30pm: Luther Allison (Live from New York)



6:00pm: Atomic Hullabaloo (Live)

7:00pm: Patrick Ricoy (Live from Brazil)

8:00pm: Chris Canas Band (Live)

9:00pm: Capital City Records

9:15pm: Chris Canas Band Q&A (Live)

9:30pm: Luther Allison (Live from New York)



11:00am: Let's Shout with Industry COGIC (Live)

12:00pm: Brazilian Barbecue Band from the Atlantic RainForest (Live)

2:00pm: Gregory D. and Company (Live)


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