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Committee Membership

Committee Membership

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer committee member with MICA. We are looking for individuals to assist with the production of our community festivals. We are seeking to fill the following positions:

Sponsorship and Fund Development Committee Member:

This committee members main role will be to seek and secure sponsorships, donations and partnerships.  The funds procured will allow MICA to continue to produce community festivals and will allow the organization to keep the quality arts programming free or low-cost.

Website / Internet Management Committee Member:

This committee member's main role will be to develop and work with a team of volunteers / interns to update and maintain the websites and Social Media sites for MICA's festivals and MICA Gallery events and coordinate with the Social Media coordinator.

The team and commitee member needs to have knowledge of WIX, WordPress (responsive design themes), Weebley Site Builder and ideally basic HTML. Understanding of the needs for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and general Social Media needs would be helpful as well.

Heavy communication via emails, attachements, Drop Box, and phone calls especially in the weeks leading up to the event (mid July to mid-September). We use gmail and G Suite services. Primarily reports to Events Coordinator on activities and needs. 

If you would like to become a Committee Member contact us at:
P: 517-371-4600   


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