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MICA is recognized for innovative programming and is a recipient of numerous awards including the Governor’s ArtServe Award, Festival & Events Association awards, Addy awards, the Creative Community Award and many more.

Recognition of Excellence

Michigan Festivals and Events Association (MFEA)

MichiganFun Awards

  • Event Photograph Collage - 1st Place & "Best of the Best" (photos of festival performers)

  • Social Media Marketing – 1st Place

  • T-Shirt Design – 2nd Place

  • Printed Promotional Material, Multi-Page – 2nd Place (City Pulse insert)

  • Promotional Item – 1st Place (complimentary tickets)

  • Press Release – 1st Place

  • Promotional Item – 1st Place (JazzFest tent cards) & 3rd Place (JazzFest/BluesFest fans)

  • TV Ad – 1st Place

  • T-Shirt Design – 2nd Place

  • Printed Material – 2nd Place (JazzFest complimentary and sponsor tickets)
    and Honorable Mention (JazzFest postcards)

  • Website – 3rd Place

  • Brochure – Honorable Mention

  • Event Photograph – Honorable Mention (“Electric Guitar”)

  • Promotional Poster – Honorable Mention

  • Best Overall Achievement

  • Best T-Shirt Design

  • Multimedia Website Design

Ava Awards

  • Honorable Mention for JazzFest PSA

American Advertising Federation Silver Addy Award

  • Visual and Audio Elements of Advertising - illustration

  • Single – illustration

  • Flat or Dimensional – illustration

  • Citation of Excellence, Collateral Material, Poster: Single - poster

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