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Turner Park Place

In 1995, Mayor David Hollister directed Emil Winnaker, Director of Neighborhood and Community Development to ask MICA to restore three empty, run-down properties –1208, 1210 and 1212 Turner Street – in the heart of Old Town. Once storefronts with living space above, the buildings were empty and boarded up.


Through Winnacker’s guidance and with the use of Historic Tax Credits, the support of the Lansing Economic Development Corporation, the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) and others, MICA restored the property, which was then named Turner Park Place. This projectserved as a model, anchor and spark for the redevelopment of many other

buildings by early urban pioneers.


Over the years, these properties have also served as incubators for several start-up organizations, such as the CityPulse newspaper and Control Room Technologies/Arialink/LightSpeed, an internet service provider.

Today, Turner Park Place houses the Arts Council of Greater Lansing, MICA offices, MICA Art Gallery, and Flesh Piercing. The loft apartments provide low and moderate-income housing.

Turner Park Place 2.JPG

Turner Park Place, 1980's

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