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Anthony Stanco QUINTET

WED AUG 2, 8:00pm / UrbanBeat, 1213 Turner

Anthony Stanco will lead his star-studded quintet featuring the world renowned New York drummer, Joe Farnsworth. The ensemble will be unveiling new compositions penned by Stanco, as well as performing some of the most beloved jazz standards. This one time experience is sure to dazzle and transport you back to the golden era of bebop. Featuring Anthony Stanco (Trumpet), Randy Napoleon (Guitar), Xavior Davis (Piano), Rodney Whitaker (Bass) and Joe Farnsworth (Drums).

Tom Duffield

THUR AUG 3, 5:00pm
FRI AUG 4, 5:00pm
SAT AUG 5, 3:30pm / UrbanBeat, 1213 Turner

Tom Duffield’s piano work has been a part of the jazz and blues scene for decades. His repertoire includes interpretations of the standards as well as some surprises. Immerse yourself in the timeless sounds of Duffield’s piano mastery.

Ruben Stump Trio

THUR AUG 3, 8:00pm / UrbanBeat, 1213 Turner

Reuben Stump is a Lansing bassist, vocalist, and composer who grew up with an appreciation for early jazz and the Great American songbook. Step into a world of pure music brilliance.

The Ashton Moore Organization

THUR AGU 3, 9:30pm / UrbanBeat, 1213 Turner

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Ashton Nickolas Moore has expanded his love for music across the ocean to Tokyo, Japan, where he performed from 2008-2021. Now back in Detroit, his relationship with Lo Leathers inspired him to support the benefit concert. With his exceptional musicianship, get ready for a unique jazz experience that captivates your senses.

School of Rock / Adult Band

FRI AUG 4, 5:00pm / North Turner Stage

School of Rock East Lansing delivers a revolutionary music program to students from Lansing and surrounding communities. Hear fresh sounds from upcoming musicians. Catch them live to experience the magic firsthand.

School of Rock / House Band

FRI AUG 4, 6:00pm / North Turner Stage

Let School of Rock East Lansing’s House Band take you on a musical journey that will leave an indelible mark.

Twyla Birdsong

FRI AUG 4, 6:30pm / River Stage

Twyla Birdsong was raised singing in a church choir, leading to her love for music. Her powerful vocals and stage presence is not to be missed.


FRI AUG 4, 7:00pm / UrbanBeat, 1213 Turner

Dan Templin and Kelly Sandula-Gruner met as members of Singers on the Grand, and their similar approach to performing and a shared love of singing jazz led to the formation of Clique in 2016. The duo performs the classic jazz ballads of the 1920s–50s, plus a mix of pop and contemporary arranged in a unique style with tight harmonies. Their mesmerizing and smooth vocal performances are a must-listen.

Ammy Amorette Quartet

FRI AUG 4, 7:30pm / South Turner Stage

Ammy Amorette is a Chilean singer, composer, and painter who has been living in Michigan since 2015. She has released two albums, Primogenita and Plan D. Her music is heavily rooted in Latin American folkloric traditions, as well as bossa nova, boleros, and jazz. In recent years, she has had increasing success in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States. Let their music transport you to a world of multicultural enrichment.

Faith Quashie Quartet

FRI AUG 4, 9:00pm / River Stage

With West Indian roots and a Brooklyn, NY upbringing, jazz vocalist and 2 time Downbeat Magazine award winning artist, Faith Quashie, is a graduate of Western Michigan University’s vocal jazz program. Influenced by 80’s, Soul, Funk, Soca, and Caribbean music, her peformance is not to be missed!

Caleb Robinson & Reaching

FRI AUG 4, 10:15pm / South Turner Stage

Caleb Robinson is a young up and coming drummer, producer, innovator who is paving his own way playing with numerous artists. Caleb integrates a unique style that he describes as aggressive yet dynamic, which can be compared to some of his musical influences like Tony Williams, Thomas Pridgen, Elvin Jones. Like them, Caleb plays by the beat of his own drum, choosing to create and work with music that’s more embedded in jazz fusion, R&B and Hip-Hop.

JAMM Scholarship Band

SAT AUG 5, 2:30pm / South Turner Stage

The Jazz Alliance of Mid-Michigan, or JAMM for short, awards a music scholarship annually to a deserving young jazz musician. The JAMM Scholarship Group is formed with past and present scholarship winners, and is led by local pro Doug Fritch on guitar.


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