COMING SOON - Friday, January 7 • 2022
Brian & Laura Bishop

Artist reception and exhibition featuring Brian & Laura Bishop

MICA Art Gallery (Old Town): 1210 Turner St., Lansing, MI 

This show will run through month end.

Time & Transcendence
"Transcendence means that what is perceived ‘always contains more than what is actually given’ – that any phenomenon has the capacity to surprise us, to broaden or even explode our horizons… transcendence can be thought of as a reaching-beyond the boundaries of isolated selfhood towards the web of relationships, and perhaps, an openness to novelty, surprise, and the unexpected.”
Phil Hine

These artistic expressions are for the value of spiritual transcendence as a contemplative, entertaining and evocative story encouraging our viewer to be an active participant in the preservation of the divine, in whatever personal form that connects humans to their heritage, home and each other. Borrowing meaning from ancestral traditions, these wondrous stories of mythology and the divine live on after our last page has been turned; subjectively interpreted within families, communities and cultural frameworks over time. As we grow older, we thoughtfully consider how our personal story ends. The story we tell ourselves relies on the stories of our history and ancestral heritage in order to add meaning through the divine; fictional figures and places add layers of meaning while influencing our perceptions and experiences to become highly personal and reflective.

Brian Bishop

After achieving my MFA in Painting I took my work to New York to be the next big thing. That went well. I came back here and stayed. I have been teaching art at Lansing Community College for 36 years and showing in various galleries in Old Town and regionally during that time. I share a studio with my wife and co-exhibitor Laurie, which works well unless we are competing for wall space. We are protected there by our studio Foo-Dog Stella, an incontinent Bassett Hound. At times work is more about dodging puddles than what’s on the wall, but it’s good. It is love, it is home, it is family, it is creative. Stand in the puddle with me.

Laura Bishop

After a long and colorful career in graphic design practice and education, I returned to university to complete my Master’s Degree in design innovation, with the unwavering support of my partner in crime, Brian. This return to my roots in “art school” was a transformative experience reigniting my passion for life, art and the power of design. This co-exhibition spotlights the intimate nature of our relationship; the influence we impose on our collective work; how we bend and move together (sharing wall space and dog puddles) as a couple —while also drinking wine and talking smart —we are recording our own stories and experiences together over time, as one.