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frequently asked questions

Is it really a community event?

JazzFest is a community event funded by local grants, corporate sponsors, and private individuals. It is your generous support that makes the festival happen.

Where might I end up spending money?


You will want to bring cash to purchase food, beverages, and merchandise from our vendors and local businesses. You may choose to pay for parking as well.

Admission to the “The Turnaround Lounge” (the festival beverage tent) is $10 which provides entrance for both days. The Turnaround Lounge is a prime location to enjoy music from the main stage and has tables and chairs. It is also the only festival vendor licensed to sell alcohol. Because of this, all entrants must show ID proving they are at least 21 years of age. We thank you in advance for this contribution to support the festival. Entry is now on the north side of Turner at Clinton.


What is seating like?

Chairs are provided in front of the stages (on paved surfaces), but we cannot guarantee to accommodate everyone who attends. Many choose to bring their own portable chairs.


What is your

weather/cancellation policy?


The festival continues, rain or shine, with covered stages and some covered seating. If the forecast is discouraging, bring an umbrella. Of course, if severe weather would jeopardize persons or equipment, performances will be halted until such conditions have passed.


Is the festival venue accessible?


Lansing JazzFest is committed to being accessible to persons with disabilities. As an outdoor street festival, the festival venue is naturally wheelchair accessible. Handicap-accessible parking is available on both sides of East Ceasar E. Chavez Ave. (formerly E. Grand River Ave.). Wheelchair-accessible restrooms are available.


Anything for Children?

You Bet! All of the festivals we put on feature something for the younger ones…  for the essential arts and music, see the schedule of activities on our KidzBeat page!


May I bring my pet?

Festival seating areas and thoroughfares are filled with sounds, smells, and thousands of people. Please be considerate to your pets and fellow festival-goers – leave non-service animals at home.

No animals (except service animals) will be allowed in the beverage tent.

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